Episode 4: The Gatekeeper is Dead

In this episode we discuss a few concepts presented in Episode 3. This episode goes back to our 20 minute format and includes a discussion of the ability for anyone, any where, to share information with the world. This change requires you to be your own Gatekeeper. As always, we include actionable content that will make you think, lift you up, and improve your day. It’s time for you to live boldly, and let’s leave a legacy.

Article’s referenced in this episode:
Wired Article on youtube’s strategy to combat misinformation

Blog Post on social media

Podcast’s Referenced in this episode:

EP3: Isaac Wyant on limiting social media and reading instead of doing

EP1: Living an Agile Life

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2 Comments on “Episode 4: The Gatekeeper is Dead

  1. Very insightful. Well presented and great content. The four episodes have made me a regular listener. Keep it up sir! God Bless America and you.

    • Thank you very much for the comment and for the listens. Please share with others and continue to provide that awesome feedback you keep giving us.

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