EP6: Find a Mentor, Be a Mentor

In today’s episode I discuss the world’s need for mentors. We need people to be mentors, and we need to find mentors. One of the common things you find amongst all high achievers is the fact that they had someone looking out for them. Our needs are no different. Whether you are a start-up entrepreneur, the owner of a company like Black Rifle Coffee Company, or any average joe, you can find a mentor and be a mentor for so many people. Iron sharpens Iron, and we don’t become the people we are without the help others give us along the way. Please check out the episode and enjoy, subscribe and please share with friends.

The Article I discuss including Kabbage and Endeavor is here

This is Endeavor’s website while we are talking about them

The company’s I recommend that you check out on this website do not sponsor me or pay for advertising. They are just companies that I admire and respect.

Also, In case you wanted to be able to check out the quote I read in today’s episode from Gates of Fire, here you go:

“A king does not abide within his tent while his men bleed and die upon the field. A king does not dine while his men go hungry, nor sleep when they stand at watch upon the wall. A king does not command his men’s loyalty through fear nor purchase it with gold; he earns their love by the sweat of his own back and the pains he endures for their sake. That which comprises the harshest burden, a king lifts first and sets down last. A king does not require service of those he leads but provides it to them…A king does not expend his substance to enslave men, but by his conduct and example makes them free.” 

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