You Have To Get to the Arena First.

It was quite an honor to get to go back to my high School and speak there to all of the students and to interact with the members of the TV productions team at the school. I was even shown my place on the wall of fame and given a tour of the entire high school. I mentioned it in the last Podcast that we did (Episode 10), that teachers have an amazing ability to impact students in the most tremendous way. I thank a lot of the teachers I learned from at that school. Big thank you to everyone who has supported me and gotten me to the point I am at in my life.

I say this because many of us get to a place of happiness or success and we attribute it to our own actions. Which is part of the formula for reaching that point. However, the only way to get to the Arena, which is a success in itself, is by having strong coaches, teachers, and training partners. I have had all three and continue to meet all three.

In the end I want to help people find their purpose, values, and sense of belonging. Doing so gave me a great sense of fulfillment in life and I want to share that with everyone else. It is the reason why I started this blog. If you think you have cracked the formula for finding your sense of purpose, values, and belonging than I want to hear about it. Comment, message me, or email me and tell me how you cracked the code. We do not need a yacht or a mansion to find these things. If you listen to my speech those material items have no direct correlation to our happiness. Let’s leave a legacy.

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John McCarthy is the founder of the Post Modern Patriot blog and the host of our podcast. He is a former Marine Infantry Officer, Husband, Soon to be father, and son. He is obsessed with individual performance in the realms of health, wealth, relationships, and the intersection of all three. He strives to share that with the world so that he can empower others to live boldly. Let’s leave a legacy!!!

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