EP 12: Jim Gay on Business, Fitness, Being a Husband and a Dad.

My guest on today’s show is Jim Gay, Jim is the founder of Saturn Flyer, a company that works with other businesses to cultivate more effective, happier developers, who make better decisions and write better code. 

Jim has authored two books, Clean Ruby and the Ruby DSL handbook.  He has helped a myriad of developers in increasing their ability to write clean effective code.

What is even more impressive about Jim is that he is not what you would expect your typical programmer/developer to look like.  This past year Jim finished the Crossfit open as the 64th fittest man in the world in the over 40 master’s division.

Let’s Leave a Legacy!!!

Links Mentioned in the Show

Jim’s Website: https://www.saturnflyer.com/

What is Renaissance Periodization: https://renaissanceperiodization.com/about

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