EP 16: Louis Pisano Wake Up and Work

On Today’s Episode I interview Lous Pisano the Founder of Wake Up and Work. WUAW is a fitness apparel company that Louis has developed as a side hustle to augment his job managing one of the biggest pool parties in the Hard Rock Hotel In San Diego. Louis and I have known each other since we were extremely young and anyone who meets him knows he has a special energy about him. I really appreciated all of the information that Louis was willing to share with me in this episode, because it didn’t seem like he held much back. It’s a long one but I think the whole story is pretty interesting. Let us know what you think.

Where You can Learn More About Louis.

Louis’s personal blog where he covers a lot of the things he is thinking about and willing to share with his following. Click here.

Louis’s fitness apparel company featured at Mr. Olympia competition this year. I personally am a huge fan of their hoody click here.

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