EP18: Danya Sherman CEO of Knonap, on being an entrepreneur and awesome individual.

Danya is the CEO and Founder of Knonap, a company that creates discreet detection devices for date-rape drugs. Their mission is to empower individuals and communities to create safer social settings, through education and products that bring attention to drug-facilitated sexual assault and crime. We achieve this through partnerships with universities, police departments, and social institutions. Danya covers everything from faith, resetting to perform well, what it is like to be a lady in the work-place and how to possess grit.

KnoNap is a beverage napkin that looks and acts like a generic napkin but has a secretive, secondary purpose. The napkin has perforations along two of its sides that are lined with detection chemicals that are capable, upon saturation, of testing for date rape drug presence. 

Danya is a part of Halcyon a start up incubator that focuses specifically on Social Entrepreneurs. They can be found here.

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