EP 23: Iron Mike Steadman, A Business Man Leading By Example.

Can you run a company that is simultaneously non-profit and for-profit at the same time? Can leave the Naval Academy as a 3 time National Champion boxer having never boxed a day in your life? Can you set the example for young men after growing up in a single parent home? Mike Steadman show’s us how he does all of these things and more. He’s the only man I know who can make me think I’m not doing enough. He’s also starting a podcast that covers concepts of Race and Ethnicity. We talk about that as well.

Want to know more about Mike?

Check out the website for his company Iron Bound Boxing. Learn more about what they do and consider purchasing some of their apparel. Profits support the gym and training of young men from Newark, NJ.

Donate to Ironbound Boxing

Join the many who have already given to such a wonderful cause. A little bit goes a long way. As Mike says, you’re investing in the youth of the city of Newark. Anything helps.

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