EP 24: What Is The Opposite of Fear?

The basis of today’s episode covers a concept from a previous blog post about the opposite of fear, we just go a little bit more in depth.  In doing so, I will inadvertently ruin one of the main themes of the book Gates of Fire by Steven Pressfield.  So If you are planning on reading the book some time soon or you happen to be in the middle of it. You may want to skip this episode or come back to it later. 

Just like anything else that we share with you on this podcast, the content is timeless and doesn’t require you to have any additional knowledge outside of the story we tell. You can hop in here at any time and use our thoughts, concepts, and Ideas to jumpstart your own day.  If you’re tuning in for the first time we just want you to know that these episodes are limited to around 18-20 minutes. They are are here to provide you with the tools you need to stretch out your mind and gain passion and motivation.  So without further delay, lets discuss one of my favorite books. Gates of Fire by Steven Pressfield.  If you want to know the impetus behind the lessons and messages I want this podcast to deliver then read this book.

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Think our Podcast is Awesome!! Subscribe below.

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