EP 27: The Sober October Challenge

Fall is for more than pumpkin picking, pumpkin beer, pumpkin spice lattes, and apple donuts. It’s also a great time to reset the body with a focus on health and wellness both mentally and physically. Alright so we may have ripped off Joe Rogan with this idea, but it’s a great move and more of us need to do this every once in a while.

Fortunately for me my friends Chris Romero, and Rodney Coursey are taking this Sober October Journey with me. You may remember Rodney from episode 5 of the podcast and this was actually his idea to do. We started this challenge a week early due to some outside commitments I have at the end of October that I prefer not to be restricted for. The rules of Sober October are below are below and I intend on breaking this down for my listenership as much as possible. By the time you hear this episode, Rodney, Chris, and Myself will all have completed a week of the Sober October challenge.

Want to know what the loser has to do? Tune into this episode where we cover a series of topics including; what is was like for Chris to work for the WWE. What Rodney thought of the See, Hear, Now festival in Asbury Park NJ. What we think about the comeback of Asbury Park NJ. Most importantly the rules for sober October.

Sober October Rules

1. No alcohol (DUH).

2. No tobacco.

3. Conduct an exercise every day from a predetermined list of exercises and reps. No repeating exercises allowed.

4. No Masturbating (more on that in the show).

5. Each of us chose our own requirement that cannot disqualify us from Sober October if we cannot maintain.

a.) Chris chose no social media and deleted his apps from his phone.

b.) Rodney chose to follow a daily affirmation app on his phone every day.

c.) I chose to meditate every day.

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