EP 30: Micro-Influencing and The Move For Hunger with Max Lowy.

On Today’s Episode I interview Max Lowy. Max is the VP of Business Development and Director of Marketing for Lowy’s Moving, a commercial and residential moving company. During his time at the company he managed to grow annual revenue 1.5 million dollars a rate higher than the company had ever reached in their 95 year history. He is also the Co-founder of attention trading, a marketing company that focuses on micro influencer marketing at the macro level. He spent close to six years working as the Development Director for Move For Hunger, where he developed relations with Fortune 500 companies like Berkshire Hathaway and Jet Blue and he oversaw initiatives that led to the fundraising of 1 million dollars.

Links to things mentioned in the Show

Move For Hunger– The philanthropy project started by Max and his brother that has to date donated 15 Million (yes Million) pounds of food to the Monmouth County Food Pantry.

Attention Trading– The company that focuses on using micro-influencers who have greater impact in order to market for smaller businesses.

Lowy’s Moving Company– The company that has been in business for four generations and 95 years that started Move for Hunger.

AP Wood Worx The side Hustle Max run’s to let loose and generate some coin in his spare time.

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