EP 35: Aaron Redd and Leading Teams

On today’s episode I ask my listeners and supporters who are able to donate either their time or their treasure, to the Aaron Redd Foundation. I was fortunate enough to be asked by Aaron’s Cousin to sit on the scholarship committee for the foundation’s board and I am honored to help share this man’s legacy.

I encourage you to learn more about Aaron by clicking here to visit the foundation’s website. If you can participate in the #getreddi challenge to support the foundation that would also be greatly appreciated (learn more in today’s episode).

The main topic of today’s episode is leading teams and more specifically dealing with Bad Eggs. This topic was introduced to me by a fan of the show and so I decided to go into a full episode on it. I cover my military experience with leading teams and dealing with bad eggs but I also introduce some specific office tactics I learned from The Asshole Survival Guide by Robb Sutton.

Today’s Brew On Tap

Freedom Roast- Black Rifle Coffee Company

Just Black – Black Rifle Coffee Company

Books Recommended on today’s Show

Diamond Cutter

Fire Your Boss

The Happiness Advantage

Can’t Hurt Me (David Goggins Book)

Why We Sleep (Matthew Walker PHD)

This Weeks Podcast Recommendation

Chasing Excellence: 3×3 Morning Routines, Parenting Tips, and Limiting Phone Usage.

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