EP 36: Adam Brown and Self Efficacy Theory

On Today’s episode I dive into a question that has been on my mind lately, “Why do some of us respond to stress, negative environments, and hostility by turning it into a positive when others crumble under similar circumstances. I also give a brief opinion on what happened with Kobe Bryant, expand on why it’s important to give and support the Aaron Redd Foundation. The meat of today’s show lies in the story of Adam Brown a United States Navy Seal who overcame a crack addiction to serve his nation. I use his story as a lens to examine Self-Efficacy theory a portion of Social Cognitive Theory that I think is extremely important. Links to all of the things mentioned in today’s show are listed below and on our website.

Today’s Brew On Tap

Trader Joe’s Wake-Up Blend

I was going to link to it on Amazon but it’s for sale at 27.99 a container. You can buy it in store for 14.99 and it can brew up to 105 cups of coffee. That comes out to 14.3 cents a cup.

Other Links from today’s show

Whoop Strap Team Link or click on this link to learn more about Whoop.

Albert Bandura

Self-Efficacy Theory

Reciprocal Determinism

Observational Learning Theory

Rogan Episode with Kevin Ross

Fearless: The Story of Adam Brown

This Week’s Podcast Recommendation

The Daily: Lessons from the last Impeachment



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