EP 37: Viktor Frankl On Resilience and Purpose

Today’s Episode is tied to last week’s episode where I discussed Adam Brown and Self Efficacy Theory. On this weeks episode I discuss the famous Austrian Psychologist Viktor Frankl and his book “Man’s Search for Meaning.” Frankl survived not one but two concentration camps. Having the ability to benefit from the lessons learned by a man who has mastered psychology and experienced the most extreme adversity mankind can offer; is something we can all benefit from. Tune into my short form episode where I discuss, Love, Purpose, Meaningful work, Courage, Humor, and Suffering.

Links from today’s show:

Big thanks to Brain Pickings for their awesome article on Viktor Frankl which provided a great framework for the show. Check them out and donate to their Patreon account if you feel inclined.

Frankl’s Book “Man’s Search for Meaning”

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The Pizza Beer Revolution Podcast, Episode 118, Politics, Politics, Politics, Maybe?

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Why We Sleep by Dr. Matthew Walker

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