EP 39: Unlocking the Power of Emotions with Dr. Brackett

On today’s episode I interview Dr. Marc Brackett. He is the founding Director at the Yale Center for Emotional intelligence. His work focuses on (1) the role of emotions and emotional intelligence in learning, decision making, creativity, relationship quality, and mental health; (2) the measurement of emotional intelligence; and (3) the influences of emotional intelligence training on children’s and adults’ health, performance, and workplace performance and climate. Dr. Brackett share’s strategies with our audience on developing the ability to Recognize, Understand, and Label emotion.

He goes further by discussing the ways we should express and regulate emotion, at home, and in the work place. His book “Permission to feel” is one of my favorite reads of this year and I believe it may be my most valuable read in a long time. I highly recommend the interesting and intellectually stimulating episode and I hope you will be compelled by his research and work efforts.

Important Links from Today’s Show

Yale School of Medicine Child Study Center

The Ruler Approach

A great video explaining the mood meter

Oji Life Lab

Inspire Ed

The Mood Meter App

Permission to Feel (Dr. Brackett’s Book)

Daniel Coleman’s book on Emotional Intelligence

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