Ep 40: forever Your Overwatch with Nick Luciano

On todays episode I interview Nick Luciano, fellow Marine, and the Founder of Forever Your Overwatch. Today’s episode maintains the pace of heavy hitting topics after last week’s episode. Nick and I discuss 2d Amendment rights and how they don’t solve everything, The shortfalls of the justice system in protecting victims of Domestic Violents, and where veterans need to get their act together.

Nick founded Forever Your Overwatch when he recognized the need to train staff and clients at domestic violence shelters in areas such as personal security, active shooter, and threat assessments. Nick works as a Master Instructor at Fort Dix, NJ training pre-deploying troops in active shooter, combatives, tactics, warrior mindset, convoys, and urban warfare. Prior to that Nick worked installing security systems and alarms for residential and commercial buildings. Nick also worked for Blackwater USA and Dyncorp protecting dignitaries overseas in hostile areas and served five years in the United States Marine Corps. Some of his training and education include: Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from Walden University, Active Shooter Response training conducted by Department of Homeland Security and ALICE, Academic Instructor course

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