Ep 42: warrior’s Redemption with Matt Ingold

Today’s guest is another fellow Marine Infantry Officer. Big surprise right? I love bringing these guys on the show because their insights on life, and leadership are priceless. They’re generally part philosopher and part warrior. Matt Ingold is no different. He opens the show by talking about the energy we need to bring to life and I think a lot of us can learn from him in that regard. What I think is most important is that Matt is doing a great thing for Veterans. He’s helping them to make their transition out of the military and shed any sort of negative mindset that can be developed from said transition. It was an honor to have Matt on the show and I’m excited to see the work and content he continues to put out for the world.

Matt Ingold’s Bio

With over seven years in the USMC, Matt Ingold served as an Infantry Platoon Commander on two deployments in Afghanistan and Southeast Asia, and finished his career as a leadership instructor at the Marine Corps’ Basic School.

Passionate about working with veterans, he served as a retreat leader helping men recover from trauma and is a national presenter on topics of healing and post-traumatic growth. His healing story has been produced in one documentary film, Taking the Hill, and shared with thousands of men worldwide in the online retreat program, RISE®.

Warrior’s Redemption is an effort to further the movement of veterans and first-responders taking responsibility for their own by empowering them to understand and communicate the battle of their interior life so they can enter conversations that bring about true healing and growth.

Links From Today’s Show

Warriors Redemption Website

Warriors Redemption Facebook

Man’s Search For Meaning by Viktor Frankl

Permission to Feel by Dr. Marc Brackett

The Art of Nonviolent Communication by Marshall Rosenburg

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