EP 43: Covid 19 Bonus Episode

On today’s episode I interview a Nurse who is actively treating patients suffering from COVID 19 at one of the most prestigious hospitals at what is now being referred to as the Epicenter of the pandemic; New York City. My experience has shown me that to find out the truth about anything you need to ask questions of people who are dealing with the heart of an issue. Fortunately, my experience has also afforded me the opportunity to appreciate the experience gained by first responders. Today’s guest has been in the nursing field for 10 years and has spent the past 4 years working in various capacities at a teaching hospital in manhattan. He comes on the air and shares first hand experience about who he is seeing exhibit some of the worst symptoms. What those symptoms are, and how we all can prepare for the current situation.

Links From Today’s Show

I think this article does a great job breaking down some factual reporting behind the spread of this pandemic

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WHO Corona Virus Fact Sheet

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