Ep 45: Jim Frith and the Diet that isn’t a fad

This week in my first IGTV video I confirmed for the world why increasing our fitness makes us harder to kill. What is the greatest way to impact your fitness? Dial in your nutrition. My Guest on today’s show, Jim Frith, is an entrepreneur, the founder of TopFitPros, author of End the Yo-Yo; the EAMAYW® System, Certified Personal Trainer and Advanced Sports Nutrition Specialist. I think what I love most about him is that he was a state wrestling champion in high school and he went on to Harvard. I’m generally skeptical of nutritionists because I feel like the field is highly convoluted. Jim cuts through a lot of the nonsense, which is why he’s on my show.

 End the Yo-Yo; the EAMAYW® System cracks the code to sustainable weight loss and long-term health. The title of his study simply sets out to end short-term dieting, fasting, and starvation (aka the yo-yo of short-term changes) that comes with trending weight loss solutions. On the contrary, Frith’s work contains actual solutions to lasting results without compromising your health. His system, EAMAYW, allows you to lose weight without ever being hungry. Standing for- eat. as. much. as. you. want. It can be accessed on his website www.topfitpros.com/end-yo-yo/

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