EP 47: Fitting Fitness into a busy life with Kevin Torres

On Today’s episode of the podcast I interview Kevin Torres the founder of Dad-bod-wod and host of the Dadbodwod podcast. Kevin is an ally in the war against Dad-bod and he has cornered the market on defeating excuses. I think the number one excuse I made to skip workouts when I had a new-born was, “I don’t have time for an hour long workout.” Kevin eradicates that excuse by providing 15-20 minute workouts to dad’s everywhere. I asked Kevin to come on the show to help dad’s with there fitness. It was an added bonus to hear about his service to our country after 9/11. What’s more the guy is an advocate for being a good husband and father. He’s a man who isn’t scared to set the example and I’m really happy to share his story with my listeners. Check out this amazing episode in our series that focuses on making you harder to kill.

Links from Today’s Show


Kevin’s free workout plan

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Atomic Habits

Patrick Cummings

10 hero workouts you can do from home

This episode is part of my response to COVID-19

The current pandemic is paralyzing a lot of people with fear. If you want to learn more about dealing with fear in general check out this episode with Tony Blauer, host of the Knowfearpodcast. I believe fear is a sign to prepare. We can and should always view fear as a gift. Fear sends us a message. Right now if you are feeling fear, then I recommend recognizing and expressing that emotion. My response to the fear of a disease that is spreading around the world is to make myself as fit as possible. Or as I like to say, make yourself harder to kill. There are two ways to have the greatest impact possible on fitness and that is by focusing on nutrition and metabolic conditioning. My last two episodes focus on nutrition and I recommend checking them out at the links below. Today’s episode teaches you how to start adding metabolic conditioning into your life.

My interview with Jim Frith, the man who patented the Eat As Much as you want system.

My Five nutrition tips that you can apply to any nutrition routine.

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