EP 49: Patrick Cummings and The intersection of Fitness and lIfestyle

On today’s show I had the opportunity to interview Patrick Cummings, Host of the Chasing Excellence Podcast with Ben Bergeron. He has worked inside the world of CrossFit & weightlifting since 2006, when I helped start Again Faster Equipment. Currently, he works with other people, gyms, & brands inside the functional fitness & health space and Co-hosts and produces both the Chasing Excellence podcast and the Open Gym podcast with the Morning Chalk-up. We cover everything from the history of the crossfit methodology, Patrick’s early adoption, his work with Ben Bergeron, and the books he purchases and the things we say no to.

Links From Today’s Show

The Chasing Excellence Podcast

The Chasing Excellence Book

Ben Bergeron Bio

Patrick Cummings


Functional branding

Deep Work by Cal Newport

Essentialism by Greg Mckeown

This is Marketing by Seth Goden

The Happiness Project

A Beautiful Constraint by Adam Morgan and Mark Barden

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