EP: 50 ENough Said, the PMP AMA

EP 50 BABY!!! this is quite a milestone in the podcasting world and I am stoked to be here. For this episode I give some love back to the listeners by holding the first ever Postmodern Patriot “Ask me anything.” I received 105 questions from listeners and there were some real gems in there. I know you will enjoy this episode where I take a step out of the driver’s seat and answer your questions. These past 50 episodes have been a hell of a ride, here is to 50 more.

What’s Brewing

Today I tried DNA Coffee Company’s Small Batch light roast Ethiopan Sidama Keramo. It’s a small batch roast and it packed a punch I absolutely enjoyed.

DNA Coffee Company is a home roaster and looking to expand this summer. Based in a Pittsburgh Suburb, Sewickley PA, they are about 15 minutes from Downtown Pittsburgh and have plans for expansion in 2020 into the Vibrant Sewickley business district. Online coffee sales will also start a little later this summer.

For now you can follow them on Instagram here.

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