EP 51: Josh Valentine Survive by embracing your inner animal

Recording podcast episodes does not just benefit my guests, it helps me grow as an individual. Today’s episode with Josh Valentine, brought a lot of lessons I have learned previously back into the forefront of my mind. Josh is the CEO and founder of Embrace the Animal. Originally from New Jersey, Josh started the company to teach survival and bush-craft in the Northeastern wilderness. The company has evolved to teaching survival and backpacking tours across the world. Josh’s primary guiding philosophy is “here to learn until the day we die”. Josh has certifications for wilderness first responder, avalanche & swift water rescue, as well as glacier travel. He also worked on TV show to include Running Wild with Bear Grylls

I have a lot of episodes in the pipeline that I have not yet released and I moved Josh’s episode up so that my listeners could hear his message. If there is a man we can learn from and interchange lessons with, it is Josh. Please enjoy a riveting episode that covers topics from Cold Survival to embracing adaptability.

The Show’s Josh has worked on:

Running Wild with Bear Grylls

Face the Wild

You Vs. Wild

Shark Week: Bear Vs. Shark

Links From Today’s Show

Wim Hoff Breathing Method

Building your own cold plunge at home for under $200

What doesn’t Kill us

Embrace the Animal website

Embrace the Animal Podcast

Embrace the Animal Episode 3

Embrace the Animal Instagram

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Josh and I both serve on the Aaron Redd Foundation Scholarship committee. The Scholarship fund is a sponsor of the PMP Podcast and I’m proud to support their cause. They provide a platform in the form of Scholarships to deserving Coast Guardsmen and their dependents looking to transition into school or business. What’s more is they are a charity that donates to other charities and they are an organization I am happy to be aligned with. Donate or read more below.

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