EP 53: Writing your own adventure Story with Harry Walker

Today’s guest on the show is a fellow Infantry Officer and IOC classmate of mine. Harry Walker commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the Marine Corps in May 2014. He graduated as an Infantry Officer from Infantry Officer’s Course 2-15. Upon his assignment to 1st Battalion Third Marines based in Oahu, Hawaii, he served as C Co’s 1st Platoon Rifle Platoon Commander, C Co Weapons Platoon Commander and Fire Support Team Leader, and finished his tour as the Assistant Operations Office for the Third Marine Regiment. Upon separating from the Marine Corps in June 2018 as a Captain, Harry conducted two deployments to South Africa as an Anti Poaching Unit Team Leader. In October 2019 Harry enlisted in the Army National Guard, resigning his commission and entering as an 11B Sergeant. He was selected to be attached to 20th Special Forces Group to await further training in the Army Special Forces Pipeline. In January 2020 Harry founded War Horse Athletics, a coaching community committed to physically and mentally preparing Tactical Athletes for the rigors of their profession. Harry is currently preparing to begin the 2020 Wildland Fire season with the Vegas Valley Veterans Initial Attack Handcrew while awaiting Special Forces Training.

Links From Today’s Show


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Dog Packs in the Kreuger

Oliphants Game Reserve

Nyala Antelope Subspecies

Warhorse athletics website

Warhorse athletics Instagram

Harry Walker’s Instagram

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