EP 54: Find a Way to Win with Patrick Nugent

Today’s Guest is one of my favorite guests yet. Patrick Nugent was shot in the back during a live fire training exercise five days into his second deployment as a Company Executive Officer. After being rushed to Tripler Army Hospital and ultimately Walter Reed things looked dim. Patrick’s parents were told he may not walk and would most likely not have children. This coming weekend he is engaging in one of the most grueling endurance tests I’ve ever heard of (see below). Patrick embodies a single ethos that he repeats daily. Find a way to win. To hear this compelling episode and his (even more compelling) story, tune into this episode that focuses on recovery, and a refusal to quit. Please enjoy the story of a man I’m fortunate enough to consider a friend, Captain Patrick Nugent, USMC (Retired).

Gryt Endurance Test Events

Challenged Athletes Foundation

Check out the website that provided Nugent with a Bike to begin his journey to achievement.

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