EP 55: A united America, With DAkota Meyer

Dakota Meyer is the first living Marine to receive the Medal of Honor since Vietnam. His book, Into The Fire recounts his first hand experience and the trials and tribulations he went through to save over 36 soldiers including more than two dozen Afghan Army soldiers. What I love most about Dakota is the new ethos he has chosen to live his life by since returning home. His apparel company Own the Dash sells shirts, challenge coins, takes people sky-diving and encourages others to focus on making that dash between the day they are born and the day they are living one worth talking about. When he’s not found sky-diving he’s out practicing jiu-jitsu and owning his dash. After listening to Dakota on Rogan I learned he is more than a warrior, he’s a philosopher too. Dakota welcome to the show.

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Links From Today’s Show

Dakota’s Book- Into the Fire

The Own the Dash Poem

Dakota’sOwn The Dash

Flipside Canvas Prints

Dakota On Instagram

Dakota’s Energy Drink

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