EP 56: 3 Things this Nation needs to hear Right now

On today’s episode I share 3 things I think this nation needs to hear right now. I discuss my brief interaction with a WWII vet that reframed my opinion of the world around me, My belief about millennials and the future of this country, and Common Identities vs Common Enemies. I hope that you will tune in for this short format episode where check in on a few themes and topics I want to tease out.

Links from Today’s Show:

George Raveling’s First interview on the TF show

George Raveling’s Recent Interview on the TF show

The Coddling of the American Mind

What’s On Brew:

I’m a huge fan of ROOK Coffee and it really is one of the best cups of coffee I think you can get at the Jersey Shore. Fortunately they ship their coffee across the country and this company is one that I highly recommend just checking out because one day they will knock Starbucks off their lead. They’re so awesome the purposely open up right next to different Starbucks locations just so they can do so.

Podcast I recommend Listening to:

I am a huge fan of Hugh Jackman and his abilities as a Renaissance man of sorts. I mean the man can, dance, act, sing, jack steel, and he does it all at an elite level. I have never had the opportunity to get inside the mind of the man until now, to find out what makes him tick. Tim Ferris does an amazing job of teasing out the concepts, and frameworks he has used to make himself successful. It’s such a good listen even Baby Gurl (my wife) was paying attention and she never listens to podcasts I listen to. Listen here

My Interview on the Warrior Soul Podcast:

My Interview on the Warrior Soul Podcast was quite an interesting one. Chris Albert is a really interesting individual, Fellow Marine, and a fellow student of social psycholog and I highly recommend you check out his show. Start out by listening to our conversation by clicking the button below.

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The Aaron Redd Foundation is a 501C3 Charity dedicated to inspiring hope, strength, and joy in our communities by supporting programs and opportunities that encourage leadership, honor, and respect in our youth, and aiding veterans, active duty military, first responders, and their families in times of need.

I’m a huge fan of the Aaron Redd Foundation and fortunate enough to sit on their scholarship committee. I hope you all will support the organization however you can. Thank you.

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