Ep57: How to climb the corporate ladder, be a Family Man, and chase your dreams with John Ross Cocozza

John Ross Cocozza is the host of the Point Blank Podcast, he is the head of Ross Brewing Company, and in his spare time he’s an Associate Vice President at L’Oreal international. John and I discuss what it is like to be a father of two teenage children in the middle of the Pandemic, why we do things like work full time and run a podcast, and how he manages his time to still run a side hustle. I was fortunate enough to be on John’s show myself and every conversation I have with the man is an extremely enlightening one. Tune in to hear how you can climb the corporate ladder, be an awesome Dad, and still chase down your dreams.

Links From today’s Show

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Beyond Band of Brothers

Parachute Infantry Memoirs

Understanding Compounding Interest

Understanding Self-efficacy Theory

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