EP 65: Race In America and the BLM Movement With Rodney Coursey

On this week’s episode I’m fortunate to bring on one of my best friends who was extremely active in the BLM movement in New Jersey. This is Rodney Coursey’s third appearance on this show. Yet this discussion between Rodney and myself takes a completely different tone. The discussion of Race and Ethnicity in America is NEVER, an easy one. Yet our nation has come extremely far in our ability to talk about these things, point out where we were wrong, and where we have made great strides forward. I’ve known Rodney since we were both 12 years old. He knows more about me than most human beings on this earth.

I am truly happy that he and I were able to have this conversation and set an example for Americans to understand that these conversations need not be emotionally charged. As Rodney said at the end of the episode, we both learned a lot in this discussion. We both grew from it. I hope that you enjoy this episode. I hope it pushes you outside of your comfort zone. I hope it gets you to have some discussions with people you don’t normally have, whether they are about race or not.

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