EP 70: American Craftsmanship With Allegiance Flag Supply

Tune into this week’s Episode where I interview the founders of Allegiance Flag Supply, Wes & Katie Lyon, and Max Berry. As first-time homeowners Max, Wes, and Katie, they searched for a high-quality American flag to fly. But they all soon encountered the exact same problem; finding a high-quality American flag that was made in the USA. Purchases from Amazon and big box stores resulted in flags that quickly deteriorated, wrapped around their flagpole, and were often made overseas. If the flags they bought were made domestically, they were often mass-produced with low quality materials. After an exhaustive search for a flag worthy of our country’s colors, everything came up short. Frustrated, they decided to take matters into their own hands, launching Allegiance Flag Supply in Charleston, SC in 2018.

AFS & PMP Partnership

I am setting a goal with AFS, to see an American-made, American Flag in front of every home. From now on, My listeners, followers, and blog readers who buy $45 dollars or more worth of goods from Allegiance Flag Supply will receive a free hat pictured below. Just add the hat below to your cart and type in the offer code POSTMODERN at checkout. For me this is about spreading the message to honor Old Glory again. Let’s do so in the best way possible, by flying it high and for as far as the eye can see. If you want to hear more about why I’m doing this please listen to this episode: A Flag In Front Of Every Home

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