EP 71: 2020’s Most Underrated Episode with Joe Maffei

Hint: One of the three commodities is not bitcoin. My Guest on today’s show is a man by the name of Joe Maffei. He’s the co-host of the recently returned Pizza Beer Revolution Podcast. The podcast where I first made my recording and the show that helped me get started. Courtesy of another well-known guest, Mike Pullano. Joe has always intrigued me because of his ability to call things as he sees them and capture the essence of things he’s describing in a profound way. He is a wealth of knowledge in host of areas and we covered a concept in the show that caught me off guard. Joe’s belief on the three commodities we need to focus on in life. We talk about the education system, economics, and decision making.

AFS & PMP Partnership

I am setting a goal with AFS, to see an American-made, American Flag in front of every home. From now on, My listeners, followers, and blog readers who buy $45 dollars or more worth of goods from Allegiance Flag Supply(the previous link takes you to their website) will receive a free hat pictured below. Just add the hat below to your cart and type in the offer code POSTMODERN at checkout. For me this is about spreading the message to honor Old Glory again. Let’s do so in the best way possible, by flying it high and for as far as the eye can see. If you want to hear more about why I’m doing this please listen to this episode: A Flag In Front Of Every Home

Links From Today’s Show

Being a Life Long Learner

1984 by George Orwell

Brave New World

The speech I gave about lessons I learned in high-school that have made me successful

Wired Article on how programmers urge to kill inefficiency can be bad for world

The Intersection of Simplicity and Happiness

The PBR Podcast

Mike Pullano on my Podcast


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