EP 75: Men Of Honor

On today’s episode I discuss the concept of honor and virtue. Specifically how our founding fathers placed such a huge sense of importance in honor, virtue, and reputation and how we fail to today. I think it is imperative that we as a people require certain people around us to be honorable and virtuous. I think that we should strive to separate ourselves from those individuals who are not. I cover two books in today’s show that led to this topic linked below. I recommend considering an honor code for yourself and your family. Check it out and tell a loved one about it.

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On Today’s Episode I discuss my struggle with individuals kneeling during the National Anthem. I share with everyone what I am doing to have a positive impact on those around me. I am proud to announce that I have partnered with Allegiance Flag Supply a company selling American Flags made in America by American seamstresses, with 100% American materials. Did I say American enough times? I am setting a goal with AFS, to see an American-made, American Flag in front of every home. From now on, My listeners, followers, and blog readers who buy $45 dollars or more worth of goods from Allegiance Flag Supply will receive a free hat pictured below. Just use the offer code POSTMODERN at checkout. For me this is about spreading the message to honor Old Glory again. Let’s do so in the best way possible, by flying it high and for as far as the eye can see.


101 Famous Poems

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