Tough Talk: A reaction to the Jeffrey Spaide Snow Shoveling Shooting

In today’s episode Isaac Wyant and I respond to the gruesome video of the Pennsylvania shooting that erupted out of an argument about shoveling Snow. You can read more on that here. I link to the video in the show notes below. Isaac and I break down our own experiences with violence, why fear is a sign to prepare, and just how easy it is to be ready for scary situations like these. Tune in for an awesome episode in our spin-off podcast, Tough Talk. Where Isaac and I talk about those things that are uncomfortable out of an effort to get our fellow Americans to also have these conversations. Have strong feelings about this episode? Let us know.

Links From Today’s Episode

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3 Comments on “Tough Talk: A reaction to the Jeffrey Spaide Snow Shoveling Shooting

  1. Gentlemen I watched the video of the shooting as well and I came away feeling very disturbed and unsettled. I found your podcast shortly afterwards and I want you to know that I really appreciated your thoughtful discussion on this topic. It really helped me to better process what I watched and I really enjoyed listening to your insights so thank you to you both for that.

    • Thanks so much for listening. We appreciate that you got something beneficial out of our subject matter. You can help us out by sharing with friends and leaving a review on Apple Itunes. Otherwise have a great day, let’s leave a legacy.

    • Disturbing situation, but a sensible take on it. I think when you factor in the occasional isolation of Winter in a snowy climate, the pandemic and neighbor quarrels…you have a recipe for disaster and that’s exactly what happened here.

      I hate to say it but the couple did virtually everything wrong in this situation. They certainly didn’t deserve to die, but their reaction didn’t strike me like something any logical or sane person would do.

      They had numerous attempts to descalate the situation but instead kept taunting the guy…until the very end. The sight of a gun didn’t phase them, neither did bullets flying past them and they did very little in terms of trying to save themselves. Its almost a text book example of what not to do when a gun is pointed at you.

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