EP 77: Real Estate for Wealth, Kettlebells for Health, With Joel Del Rosario

Check out an extremely unique episode where Joel shares hard won wisdom about investing in Real-estate as a side hustle while serving in his Nation’s Military. He and John go through a lot of lessons they learned in the military and how those things have impacted their conduct in business and in life. Finally they go through all of the lessons they have learned about fitness and how it seems to help with all of the other things they are working toward. Learn More about Joel Below.

On Today’s Episode John Interviews Joel Del Rosario. Joel is the Marine Officer Instructor for the Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps at Rutgers and Princeton. In his spare time he runs two real estate investment companies. North Seeking Arrow, and Jparker Capital. He has a wide array of real estate experience including owning, managing, and investing in multiple properties across the country, including but not limited to: California, Arizona, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio. Recently he and his wife started a fitness company called Semper Stronger, a personal training membership site they launched recently. Joel Welcome to the show.

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