EP 79: Semper Stronger With Rebecca Rouse

On Today’s episode I interview Rebecca Rouse. Rebecca and her Husband Joel have started an online fitness application, Semper Stronger. Rebecca specializes in strength training and kettlebell training, and she was the 16th woman in the world to earn the Iron Maiden title through StrongFirst. She has an athletic background in competitive gymnastics and Olympic weightlifting. We discuss everything from being a member of the Marine Family, why ballet didn’t work for her and she chose gymnastics instead, and

Get a Free Month of KB/Strength Training from Semper Stronger

I’ve recently learned that Americans have gained 29lbs on average due to the pandemic. I want to do everything I can to assist individuals in pursuing fitness at home. Rebecca’s programing is a great way to start. Rebecca, her husband Joel, and I would like to invite you to get a free month of training from Semper Stronger by using the code  PATRIOT30 at check out for a free Gold or Silver Membership for one month.

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Books Recommended by Rebecca

The Book of Joy

The Compound Effect

Outwitting the Devil

High Performance Habits

Can’t hurt me

10x Rule

The WillPower Instinct

The Servant

Chop Wood Carry Water


Extreme Ownership

Leadership, Strategy, and Tactics

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