EP 80: Make Yourself Vulnerable To Make Others Stronger With Jim Decicco

On Today’s episode of the Podcast Jim DeCicco and I discuss how the CEO of a healthy caffeinated beverage company pushed himself to burnout. We talked about what he does to overcome that. We also take a minute to drop the tough guy facade and point out that it’s important to do things like practice gratitude, prioritize your own needs, and give yourself and your buddies some much-needed love. Check out an episode that is just as awesome to listen to as it was to record.

Brought to you by “Pain and Suffering”

In all seriousness. If you want to support the podcast you can do so by clicking here. Purchasing one of these American-made, hand-crafted plaques supports my podcast and a fellow Marine and Master Carpenter from Keimpiece Carpentry. I try to remind people all of the time that suffering is a prerequisite for joy and this isn’t just some meathead comment. The Dhalai Lhama said that. Purchase this reminder of the benefit of hard work, and perseverance to place on your wall in your office or gym. All proceeds go directly to the marketing and production of the Postmodern Patriot Podcast.

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