Tough Talk Book Club: Beyond Order by Jordan Peterson

Today’s episode is a different spin from our usual Tough talk Episodes. Isaac and I are releasing our first Book Club episode. In today’s episode, we discuss Jordan Peterson’s book, “Beyond Order, 12 more rules for life.” We break down the significance of Jordan Peterson to us and touch on our thoughts from his first book. If you’re interested in maxims to live your life by, and rules that make other decisions easier to make, this is the episode for you. A few highlights from today’s episode include the perils of abdicating responsibility, doing things your future self will be proud of, and when to confront people instead of ignoring problems that fester.

Links From Today’s Show

Purchase Beyond Order Here

Can’t Hurt Me

12 Rules for life

Peterson defending his stance against Hallucinogens on The Tim Ferris Show

Jordan Peterson and the Red Skull

A great reminder for disciplining yourself

Identifying Triggers in your own life


An Interview with one of the best Olympic Weightlifting coaches in the world

The data based diet solution based on science and mindset

Good Luck Filling That Hole

What About Chaos?

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