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Are you Tough Enough ?

I have been around some bad individuals. I don’t mean bad in the sense of, human beings who lack moral fiber. If anything these men may and in some cases, women may be the most morally in touch individuals walking the planet. As Nietzsche… Continue Reading “Are you Tough Enough ?”

What about chaos

Jordan Peterson’s latest book has had me very focused on the realms of order and chaos. I would argue we live in a naturally chaotic world. Many of us spend our time attempting to impose order on our uncertain surroundings. The only thing that… Continue Reading “What about chaos”

Persistence is the Master Virtue

I would kill to learn lessons from a man who grew up moving from farm to farm throughout the country and went on to become the richest person in the world. That man is John D. Rockefeller and the first lesson we can learn… Continue Reading “Persistence is the Master Virtue”