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Confessions of Recovering Sleep Waster

Are you an Auditory Learner? Well, Check out this podcast episode instead of reading below. In light of my Sober October Shenanigans I think it is Important that I share some things about sleep with blog viewers/podcast listeners. In case somehow you haven’t seen… Continue Reading “Confessions of Recovering Sleep Waster”

3 Rules to Develop Grit

I have been fortunate enough to this point to interview a lot of people I would categorize as “High Achievers.” I’ve interviewed members of the Forbes 30 under 30, start up addicted entrepreneurs, Self Defense and Tactics Coaches, Negotiations Experts and authors. People who… Continue Reading “3 Rules to Develop Grit”

Turn Off The Tech

I have been talking a lot on different podcasts about how important it is to shut off the screaming messages that the world is sending out to you. The information age is amazing. Anyone anywhere can learn anything. I constantly wonder, “what are the… Continue Reading “Turn Off The Tech”

Are You an Effective Communicator?

My position in life has afforded me the opportunity to contrast the weaknesses of the military and civilian world. If you listen to the podcast or frequently read the blog on Thursdays, you know that I am obsessed with using the strengths of each… Continue Reading “Are You an Effective Communicator?”

What Makes a Great Leader?

School is one of the best places to learn to become a great leader… Said no one ever. If you don’t listen to the podcast or haven’t yet, you probably are unaware of the two episodes I recently recorded about going back to school… Continue Reading “What Makes a Great Leader?”

EP 10: Public Speaking

I can narrow down three skills that help me speak in public and I share them with you in today’s show. I cover the people who helped me to develop my public speaking capabilities. I was fortunate enough to go back to my high… Continue Reading “EP 10: Public Speaking”

Here’s What is Wrong with “The Four-Hour WorkWeek”

The year was 2007 and a Tango-dancing, Chinese-kickboxing champion named Tim Ferris decided to write a book that would revolutionize the way Millennials and GenXers approached their occupation. A Princeton Grad, who decided the normal work day was quickly growing extinct decided to create… Continue Reading “Here’s What is Wrong with “The Four-Hour WorkWeek””

Becoming Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

I think that the current issue we face in society today is the fact that our baseline of comfort is far too high. I am not introducing a new concept but I am introducing what I believe is a unique solution. We do not… Continue Reading “Becoming Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable”

President Lincoln’s Instagram Account

Abe Lincoln’s life story on Instagram.