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TT34: Rites of Passage

Ten years in brutal warrior training followed by a deadly test… Or a leap of faith off a manmade structure, face-first into the earth… Or your hand in a bullet ant glove where any sound you make will mean failure… Today John and I… Continue Reading “TT34: Rites of Passage”

TT33: Know Your Worth

Many people sacrifice happiness in jobs and relationships, often subconsciously believing that they can’t do better. How do we assess our own value? And how do we align our decisions with our value? John and I tackle this and more as we dive into the… Continue Reading “TT33: Know Your Worth”

TT 32: Self-Defense, Fair Trial, and The Kyle Rittenhouse Controversey

Against the backdrop of racial tensions and social unrest, the Kyle Rittehouse saga has been one of the most contentious topics of the last year. As a country, it seems we are watching two different movies on the same screen. On this episode, John… Continue Reading “TT 32: Self-Defense, Fair Trial, and The Kyle Rittenhouse Controversey”

TT 31: Perverse Incentives and Unintended Consequences

On today’s episode of the podcast we discuss how incentives created by institutions, organizations, major companies, etc. drive behavior. We dive into the Folly of Rewarding A, While Hoping for B and how many organizations with the right intentions end up creating incentives for… Continue Reading “TT 31: Perverse Incentives and Unintended Consequences”

TT30: Tackling Mindfulness

On Today’s episode, Isaac and I discuss an extremely popular topic, mindfulness. People all over the world are experimenting with journaling, meditation, and methods to enact mindfulness in their own lives. Isaac and I break into what mindfulness is, where things are not well… Continue Reading “TT30: Tackling Mindfulness”

TT29: Moral Slavery and Squid Game

On Today’s episode of the podcast Isaac and I discuss the TV show most likely to ruin Halloween. We’re talking Squid Game mostly because of the real lessons it has the ability to highlight for all of us. This is a show that has… Continue Reading “TT29: Moral Slavery and Squid Game”

TT 28: Breaking Ranks

On Today’s episode of the podcast Isaac and I discuss the concept of breaking ranks through the lens of Lt. Col Stuart Scheller. Lt. Col Scheller is well known for his video that went viral the same day as the death of 13 service… Continue Reading “TT 28: Breaking Ranks”

TT 27: Thinking Generationally

An episode about setting up future generations for success. “Thinking Generationally” has been a theme in many of our episodes and Isaac and I take the time to go through; Why we think it is important, how specifically you can begin to think generationally,… Continue Reading “TT 27: Thinking Generationally”

TT26: The Unraveling of The American Myth

On Today’s episode Isaac and I discuss the issue with the reframing of opinions around the origin of our nation. We talk about the fact our societies evolved from tribes based on the power of myth and the very successes we have witnessed as… Continue Reading “TT26: The Unraveling of The American Myth”

TT25: The Fall of Kabul Part Two

On today’s episode Isaac and I expand our episode from two weeks ago where we responded to the fall of Kabul. We go in depth on the highest price paid by our service members, we discuss officers who have broken ranks and spoken out,… Continue Reading “TT25: The Fall of Kabul Part Two”