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TT24: The Fall of Kabul

On Today’s Episode Isaac and I discuss the fall of Afghanistan back into Taliban Hands. We discuss where things went wrong, where we could have done better, and who should be held accountable for these actions. We also point out what positives can and… Continue Reading “TT24: The Fall of Kabul”

TT 23: FEAR Is A Sign to Prepare

On Today’s episode, Isaac and I attack what we think is driving the actions of many people today. Fear and Insecurity. We provide strategies for dealing with fear, making it our friend. Ensuring that we can be the person who does not use Fear… Continue Reading “TT 23: FEAR Is A Sign to Prepare”

TT22: Building A Ship Of Friends

Division is everywhere we look. Are you a vaxer or anti-vaxer? Are you Republican or Democrat? What is your stance on the Second Amendment? In a time of division Isaac and I take a pause to focus on the tactis and strategies that form… Continue Reading “TT22: Building A Ship Of Friends”

TT21: Vets Don’t Need Your Pity

On Today’s Episode of the Podcast Isaac and I do what every single Veteran Podcast ever has done. We talk about the transition into the civilian world, how people are doing it wrong, and how they’re doing it right. This tough talk definitely gets… Continue Reading “TT21: Vets Don’t Need Your Pity”

TT20: Pandemic After Action Report

In today’s episode Isaac and I do a post pandemic after action report, or as many business circles refer to it, a post-mortem. Isaac and I encourage others to examine their own individual actions in the pandemic, and reflect on our own. We focus… Continue Reading “TT20: Pandemic After Action Report”

TT19: The benefits of Social Media

Isaac and I want to wish you a very happy Independence day. Thank you all for your support and for frequently interacting with us and our content. Happy 245 years of being an awesome country America.

TT18: Hard Work Pays Off

On Today’s Episode Isaac and I discuss the concept of hard work. Society lately has become irritated with the lack of people willing to work hard for what they have. I agree with that sentiment. At the same time there are perils of hard… Continue Reading “TT18: Hard Work Pays Off”

EP 84: Honor Your Parents While They Are Alive

I recently listened to a very successful individual say you should honor your parents while they are still alive. This man had donated buildings and monuments in his parent’s honor after they passed. Yet he regretted never taking the time to tell them what… Continue Reading “EP 84: Honor Your Parents While They Are Alive”

TT17: Self-Important vs. Self Serious

Do you take yourself too seriously? Do you fail to take yourself seriously enough? Isaac and I take some time in today’s episode to encourage others to force themselves to develop awareness of their own skills. Too many people do not consider the perception… Continue Reading “TT17: Self-Important vs. Self Serious”

EP 83: Forging Elite fathers With Kevin Torres

On today’s show I interview Kevin Torres of the DadBodWod Podcast and Forging Elite Fathers. Kevin is the founder of the Dadbodwod Podcast, Forging Elite Fathers, and the Dadbodwod way of life. Kevin has mastered the intersection of fitness with a busy lifestyle and… Continue Reading “EP 83: Forging Elite fathers With Kevin Torres”