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Adaptation Is a Beautiful Thing

Charles Darwin put forward the concept that the species most likely to survive is not the strongest, or the smartest, but the one most adaptable to change. Often times I think we forget how adaptable we really are. There are countless examples of human… Continue Reading “Adaptation Is a Beautiful Thing”

Trying Out The Wim Hof Method

I have been experimenting with Breath work a lot lately. I read the book Breath, by James Nestor which really got me thinking about the importance of focusing on breathing. Nestor posits that throughout history, breathing through the nose increased health and well-being and… Continue Reading “Trying Out The Wim Hof Method”

The Skills Evolution Forgot

Everybody has that friend who is always trying the new fitness trend. Let’s be real, crossfitters used to be the creepy people at party and now they’re mainstream. These days, If you aren’t walking barefoot through nature on a slack line from a sauna… Continue Reading “The Skills Evolution Forgot”

The Optimal Morning Routine Is Not All It Is Cracked Up To Be.

Have you ever watched your prototypical a-type personality absolutely lose it when one of their routines get interrupted? If not you could sit at your local Starbucks in the morning and eventually you will. The healthy question to ask yourself when watching this person… Continue Reading “The Optimal Morning Routine Is Not All It Is Cracked Up To Be.”

Business Leadership Vs. Battlefield Prowess

I recently read a post by a business leadership consultant bashing the phenomena of Military Leadership strategies and training and its recent gain in popularity when applied to businesses. After all, we don’t need a bunch of Drill Instructors running around accounts payable screaming… Continue Reading “Business Leadership Vs. Battlefield Prowess”

Nature Over Mirrors in the Mornings

I find that my day is radically different when I am able to delay the use of a screen even if it is only for the first hour. I have friends that choose not to go on social media until after noon. I have… Continue Reading “Nature Over Mirrors in the Mornings”

Take Responsibility

My wife and I joke very frequently that we wonder what we ever did with all of our free time before we had children. Simultaneously I find great solitude in the life we have built with our new family. We had our son within… Continue Reading “Take Responsibility”

Veteran Shaming needs to End

The title of this post probably invokes a memory of a Vietnam Veteran returning home from the horrors of death, chaos, and war only to be spat on and called a “baby-killer.” This is not the type of Veteran shaming I’m referring to. I’m… Continue Reading “Veteran Shaming needs to End”

Good Luck Filling That Hole

I recently heard Jordan Peterson discuss a major issue with my generation. Many millennials do not believe it is necessary to get married in order to affirm their relationship with another being. What was Peterson’s response to this issue? He pointed out that you… Continue Reading “Good Luck Filling That Hole”

EP 80: Make Yourself Vulnerable To Make Others Stronger With Jim Decicco

On Today’s episode of the Podcast Jim DeCicco and I discuss how the CEO of a healthy caffeinated beverage company pushed himself to burnout. We talked about what he does to overcome that. We also take a minute to drop the tough guy facade… Continue Reading “EP 80: Make Yourself Vulnerable To Make Others Stronger With Jim Decicco”