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Tribes and why we badly need to bring them back

Sebastian Junger brought the understanding of the need to be a part of groups back into vogue when he released the book “Tribe on homecoming and belonging.” Our nation’s military learned during the Global War on Terrorism, that there was a certain fraternal bond… Continue Reading “Tribes and why we badly need to bring them back”

Why I love the WhOOP Strap

NOTE: I’ve had a lot of followers/listeners ask me specific questions about the WHOOP Strap. In order to provide the most utility possible, I developed this post. It is much longer than a usual blog post. If at any point through reading you decide… Continue Reading “Why I love the WhOOP Strap”

The Absolute Best Books to give This Holiday Season

I love to read, I advocate that passion to others. As I’ve pointed out previously, you would ask for 15 minutes and a cup of coffee from some of the most prominent people in the world. I believe that time would be wasted on… Continue Reading “The Absolute Best Books to give This Holiday Season”

one little Trick to Leadership

My heart was racing having just finished yet another live fire training exercise with a platoon of soon to be Infantry Officers when I heard one of the best leadership maxims ever shared with me. “For as long as the American fighting man has… Continue Reading “one little Trick to Leadership”

EP 68: The Deli Boy Turkey Day Episode

Josh Gryvatz is the Chef/Proprietor of deli boy he ostensibly grew up in the food business. From stocking shelves and sweeping floors in his parent’s small New York convenience store at age eleven to almost thirty years later, managing the full-service deli, butcher and… Continue Reading “EP 68: The Deli Boy Turkey Day Episode”

3 Reasons Why you Should Read More and How!

My mother pushed me and pushed me to read from a very young age and I never complied. Until, I found a book I loved. Ask any avid reader about the first book they genuinely enjoyed and they will reflect on it with great… Continue Reading “3 Reasons Why you Should Read More and How!”

How Can You Be Proud To Be An American?

Do you ever wonder that? How on earth is it possible to be proud to be born the citizen of a certain country? How can a sentient being take pride in something that was absolute chance? That they would be born in this nation… Continue Reading “How Can You Be Proud To Be An American?”

Maxims for dealing with questionable outcomes

Many Americans put too much weight on the opinions of veterans at times like right now. Veterans are not experts in politics, economics, or international policy. Some of us do know a little more about the last one than your average bear, but not… Continue Reading “Maxims for dealing with questionable outcomes”

Do Things that Suck With Good Friends

Today I was reminded of something I frequently experienced while serving in the Greatest Fighting Force on Earth. It is extremely important to do things that suck. This jarring shock outside of our comfort zone is what makes us feel most alive. It makes… Continue Reading “Do Things that Suck With Good Friends”

It Pays to Be a Winner

In the Marine Corps infantry I was told hundreds of times, “it pays to be a winner.” Generally, this was after I was on a team competing with another team in some physical exercise competition, calisthenics, martial arts, physical tactical decision games, what have… Continue Reading “It Pays to Be a Winner”