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Here’s What is Wrong with “The Four-Hour WorkWeek”

The year was 2007 and a Tango-dancing, Chinese-kickboxing champion named Tim Ferris decided to write a book that would revolutionize the way Millennials and GenXers approached their occupation. A Princeton Grad, who decided the normal work day was quickly growing extinct decided to create… Continue Reading “Here’s What is Wrong with “The Four-Hour WorkWeek””

Lessons For My Son: #3 Do What is Right

Do What Is Right.

Lessons For My Son: #2 God

In our first lesson we talked about Love. Some of my more religious friends will probably be upset that God was not number one. I understand their reasoning and I hope they can empathize with my argument that you need to understand what love… Continue Reading “Lessons For My Son: #2 God”

Lessons For My Son: #1 Love

To learn about why I am posting this Series click here Love is the beginning and the end of it all.  You will learn early on in your life about love.  You will most likely have a novice view on the emotion. Your inability… Continue Reading “Lessons For My Son: #1 Love”

Start Now: Boot-Strap Your MVP

Start Now: Boot Strap your MVP

Consistency Above All Else

New Years Resolutions are Wonderful, breaking bad habits even better; consistency is what really moves the needle. I am all for people setting tangible realistic goals and setting out to achieve them.  Even if that means failing and learning a lot about yourself. … Continue Reading “Consistency Above All Else”

Post #1: Experience, An Overvalued Commodity

  “With the advancement of the information age, the commodity of experience is overvalued.” The reason for this post and my decision to bring back the blog from retirement came from a discussion I had at a wedding this past weekend with friends.  A… Continue Reading “Post #1: Experience, An Overvalued Commodity”