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Through fitness we discover an amazing transformation in which a disturbing creature arises

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What if I could give you a pill? A pill that would help you to look and feel amazing, to fight off disease, to help you protect and care for loved ones, to improve your mood, sleep, and total wellbeing. A pill that makes every other single thing in life more enjoyable. That pill exists it just doesn’t come in a form you can wash down with water. It does have different dosages for different people and we need to take it every single day.

The medicine you need to give yourself every day exists in the attention you need to pay to nutrition and exercise. This can be so difficult because of all of the conflicting information that exists out there on both of these topics. After all, someone out there has an ability to make money off of you by selling you something in terms of Health and Fitness. I don’t do that, but I do sift through a lot of garbage in terms of finding what works. I share the tools, techniques, and procedures that work for me, and that have worked for others I trust.

I want to share those golden nuggets with you on a weekly basis with a very brief newsletter that focuses on Health, Wealth, and Relationships. I think that all three of those topics intersect and depend on each-other very nicely. Subscribe to the newsletter and I will send you my five health hacks immediately. Until then, check out the Podcast, or keep reading the blog. As always, let’s leave a legacy.

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