Why Post Modern Patriot ?

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I created this blog out of an effort to provide advice for other people who may need or want my opinion. Rather than thrust these things on social media for all of my friends and family to be forced to see I figured I would create an optional place for people to visit. A place where those who appreciate my opinions and advice have an opportunity to come and visit as they please. Simultaneously it is a place that can be avoided by those people who do not value my advice or opinions.

Many sociologists of today argue that we have entered into what is considered a post-modern society. People who live in these societies trend more towards individualism on the individualism-collectivism scale. Society is not the soul factor to consider when determining where a person falls out on this scale. Culture has a lot to do with it too. Take the comparison presented in the Article linked above about American vs Japanese Culture. Americans are more likely to believe the squeaky wheel gets the oil, whereas the Japanese believe the nail that sticks out gets hammered back in. People who trend more towards individualism are less likely to believe in participating in the collective and consequently less likely to label themselves a patriot. This is the reason for Post-Modern Patriot’s existence.

We are failing to see the detriment to ourselves and our society by failing to participate in the collective organizations in our communities. Individuals lack the sense of purpose, and sense of belonging that is easily found in strong groups and organizations. This lack of purpose and belonging leads to an increased level of unhappiness in our population. Take a look at the information provided by the American State of Mind Report

Over 21% of women over the age of 20 are currently taking anti-depression medication. The number of men taking anti-depressant medication has increased over 28% in the past decade. These numbers are staggering. They are even worse when we begin to consider the report’s mention of Americans taking anti-anxiety medication.

There is a 50% increase in the number of women taking anti-anxiety medication in our country and men are right next to them at 48% in the 10-19 year old population. It is estimated that 40 million Americans currently suffer from some form of anxiety disorder. It is important to note that the prescription of a medication is not necessarily correlated to an increase in the unhappiness of a population. Yet, something is leading the citizens of our country to believe they are unhappy, or at least less happy than they used to be. I believe it is directly related to two factors. First, the technology age has elevated our level of comfort to heights never reached before. Second, and more important, we are moving further and further towards individualism and consequently narcissism.

I believe this is directly related to our unwillingness to participate in collective organizations where the success of the group has a higher priority than our own individual desires. Since the beginning of society we have lived in communal settings. Tribes, towns, communities, have always been what we have built our civilization around. The relationships we have with others are one of the things that contribute directly towards living a longer life (watch the ted talk on meaningful relationships).

So why all of this hooplah about individualism, increased anxiety, and the need for meaningful relationships? This blog exists to further the development of the individual to live boldly. To shed the belief that their own individual success requires more attention than their need to exist within collective groups of individuals who are more powerful together. A patriot is less likely to exist within a post-modern society. A selfless individual who cares more about the collective and subscribes to the belief that a rising tide raises all ships is what this country needs. We need more patriots. We need more men and women to make better men and women. Instagram and facebook are quickly skewing our view of the world and forcing us to belief that happiness exists in the photos we take of the vacations we go on. It does not. Happiness exists in the heart of that individual who finds themself within a group, team, organization, or community, they would willingly sacrifice their own happiness for.

The lessons I have learned in life, and the wonderful experiences I have had were afforded to me by the groups of amazing individuals I have found myself a part of. The lessons learned, sense of purpose and belonging provided to me need to be shared with the world. This blog exists to further the belief that groups and relationships are more important than ourselves. To further the belief that patriots and selfless individuals can and do exist in a post-modern society.

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