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The Post Modern Patriot Podcast focuses on health, wealth, relationships, and the intersection of all three. Our episodes follow two formats. First, Short form episodes that are 20 minutes long and cover a topic or idea that is going to stimulate you and start your day. Second, Long form interviews that are conversational in nature where I bring on people I believe can teach us something we can all benefit from. Strong groups create strong individuals. Let’s Leave a Legacy.

EP 26: Keep Moving Forward, That’s How Winning Is Done!

On Episode 26 of the podcast I pull out a concept Jim DeCicco brought to mind for me in last week’s episode. For the most part I believe many of us have the same opportunities. We receive the same external stimulus from society. The way in which we perceive that stimulus and respond, can make the difference in our own success or failure in life. I have found that at those times in my own life where I am barely holding it together. The moments when I am sure everything is about to burst at the seams are the most important times to keep pushing forward. Whenever I have, it has resulted in the greatest outcome. We all fight our own battles in life. We face our own struggles. For others our personal struggles may seem small. To us they can seem like mountains. We all have the ability to scale said mountain and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done.

Quotes from Today’s Episode

In every battle there comes a time when both sides consider themselves beaten. Then he who continues the attack wins.

Ulysses S. Grant

The Spartans say that any army may win while it still has its legs under it; the real test comes when all strength is fled and the men must produce victory on will alone.

Steven Pressfield, Gates of Fire

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EP 25: Jim DeCicco Spread Positive Energy and Be Nice to People

Jim Decicco is the oldest Brother and CEO of Kitu Life Incorporated the company that brought you Super Coffee, Super Creamer, and Super Espresso. Prior to taking the beverage world by Storm Jim was a member and Co-Captain of the Colgate University football team. His time in the corporate world was a short lived three months after college before he stepped into the world of entrepreneurship. His company topped the 1 million dollar sale mark in 2017, and was recently featured on Shark Tank where they valuated the company at 50 million dollars. Although the company was not able to obtain funding from Shark Tank Jim and his brothers have obtained 18 million dollars in venture capital funding and they have been named as members of the Forbes 2019 30 under 30. On top of running his start up Jim is an avid fitness enthusiast, philanthropist, and podcast guest.

I met Jim when he came and spoke at George Washington University while I was getting my MBA there. I walked up and introduced myself to Jim after the talk he gave because I was so impressed by his energy. It’s not wonder his super coffee product is quickly taking the world by storm. Every bottle contains a little bit of the amazing energy Jim and his Brothers possess. I’ve been fortunate enough to maintain a friendship with Jim since that day and he’s the type of guy you just want to sit down and have a cup of coffee with. I know my listeners will enjoy the message he gets out and this episode is jam-packed with wonderful tidbits of advice.

Want to buy some supercoffee and try it out? Order here, I highly recommend the new pumpkin flavor. Use Discount Code PMP20 at check-out for 20% off your order.

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EP 24: What Is The Opposite of Fear?

The basis of today’s episode covers a concept from a previous blog post about the opposite of fear, we just go a little bit more in depth.  In doing so, I will inadvertently ruin one of the main themes of the book Gates of Fire by Steven Pressfield.  So If you are planning on reading the book some time soon or you happen to be in the middle of it. You may want to skip this episode or come back to it later. 

Just like anything else that we share with you on this podcast, the content is timeless and doesn’t require you to have any additional knowledge outside of the story we tell. You can hop in here at any time and use our thoughts, concepts, and Ideas to jumpstart your own day.  If you’re tuning in for the first time we just want you to know that these episodes are limited to around 18-20 minutes. They are are here to provide you with the tools you need to stretch out your mind and gain passion and motivation.  So without further delay, lets discuss one of my favorite books. Gates of Fire by Steven Pressfield.  If you want to know the impetus behind the lessons and messages I want this podcast to deliver then read this book.

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EP 23: Iron Mike Steadman, A Business Man Leading By Example.

Can you run a company that is simultaneously non-profit and for-profit at the same time? Can leave the Naval Academy as a 3 time National Champion boxer having never boxed a day in your life? Can you set the example for young men after growing up in a single parent home? Mike Steadman show’s us how he does all of these things and more. He’s the only man I know who can make me think I’m not doing enough. He’s also starting a podcast that covers concepts of Race and Ethnicity. We talk about that as well.

Want to know more about Mike?

Check out the website for his company Iron Bound Boxing. Learn more about what they do and consider purchasing some of their apparel. Profits support the gym and training of young men from Newark, NJ.

Donate to Ironbound Boxing

Join the many who have already given to such a wonderful cause. A little bit goes a long way. As Mike says, you’re investing in the youth of the city of Newark. Anything helps.

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Check out some of our other posts and episodes.

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EP 22: Become a Master Negotiator Today

A few weeks ago on Episode 19 of the podcast we interviewed Dr. Bailey who covered how you can easily negotiate for a million dollars more in your life-time by asking for a little bit more, or to pay a little bit less here and there. This spurred on a lot of people reaching out to me and asking for actionable negotiation skills. In Today’s episode I provide three things you can start doing today to make you a better negotiator. I cover where you can find a master negotiator to listen to in action right in your own neighborhood. Mostly, this episode is a summary of all of the master skills I learned from Dr. Bailey’s course on negotiation. While these skills may not be an exhaustive list of everything you need to know to increase negotiating skills they can definitely get you started on your path to 1 Million more dollars in your lifetime. Let’s Leave a Legacy baby.

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EP21: The Mental Transition from Military to Civilian with Nicholas Christopoulos

Nicholas Christopoulos is a Marine no longer serving as active duty. He spent five years serving in the Marine Corps as a Harrier Mechanic and exited the Marine Corps as a Sergeant. He is currently pursuing a Bachelors degree at Fordham University in the Bronx New York, with a focus on political science in the hopes of re-entering the Marine Corps as an Officer.  He is the host of Sergeant’s Secret Battle a podcast that starts the conversation that says it is okay to actually talk about feelings, to talk about being vulnerable.  He focuses on the difficulty of transitioning out of the military into the civilian world.  I’m bringing Nick on the show because I believe he highlights a lot of the things Veteran’s struggle with in his show and I want to share his message with the world.

Check out Nick’s Show where he interviews Veterans and asks about their transition from Warrior back to Citizen. (It may or may not be an interview with me)

We both recommended this book in the show today.

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EP 20: Shit Kickers and Silver Slippers.

In today’s episode of the podcast I cover a concept dropped on me recently by a mentor of mine. I spent time framing houses awaiting my orders to active duty in the Marine Corps. We built houses for millionaires and successful people like Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi, and Jon Stewart. My boss and mentor was able to spend time with a lot of these people and learn a lot from them. Today’s episode covers once of the concepts he subsequently shared with me by my mentor that I think needs to be heard. Where have you entered the world with a hard work ethic mentality and returned with a pair of silver slippers?

Bonus Post is coming up this week on responding to an Active Shooter.

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EP19: Dr. James Bailey and Negotiating your way to 1 Million Dollars More in Your Life-time.

In today’s Episode Dr. Bailey and I sit down to discuss important concepts like negotiating higher salary, a better price for a car, understanding why it is important to admit we are wrong, where executives make mistakes, why it is better to get an outside opinion at times. I’m really excited to share this episode with my audience and honestly I should be calling this the 1 Million dollar episode. Please enjoy and let me know the next time you use the tactics we talk about to help you negotiate your way to a better deal.

Professor Bailey’s Bio

James R. Bailey is a professor of leadership at the George Washington University School of Business (GWSB), and a Fellow in the Centre for Management Development, London Business School. He has taught at the University of Michigan, New York University, IMD, and the Helsinki School of Economics. Dr. Bailey is the recipient of several teaching distinctions, including four GWSB Outstanding Faculty Awards.

In 2006, he was named one of the world’s top ten executive educators by the International Council for Executive Leadership Development. He has published more than 50 academic papers and case studies, and is the author of five books, including the award-winning, best-selling Organizational and Managerial Wisdom and the forthcoming Lessons on Leadership. He has designed and delivered hundreds of executive programs for firms like Nestle, UBS, Conoco-Phillips, and Goldman Sachs, as well as several major law firms and the U.S. Congress.

Dr. Bailey is a frequent keynote speaker who has appeared on broadcast programs for the BBC, NPR, and Fox News, and his work has been cited in news outlets such as the Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Forbes, and Business 2.0. He is a frequent contributor to The Hill, the Washington Post, the Washington Business Journal, and the Harvard Business Review. He is the former Editor-in-Chief of the Academy of Management Learning and Education. His practitioner essays appear in his column At the Helm in Psychology Today, and in Lessons on Leadership. Professor Bailey has served as a dean, department chair, and program director during his 25 year academic career.

Check out The links to His Good To Great Article, One of the only Harvard Business Review Articles made into a film.

Here is the link to the article that was:

-Named Top 10 Leadership Reads by Harvard Business Review

Named Top 15 leadership reads of 2016 by 15five

-Featured in Alder KotenCurious Autobiography

Here is the link to the Film featured in Inc.

Oh yeah and in his spare time the man runs his own online magazine. Click Here.

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EP18: Danya Sherman CEO of Knonap, on being an entrepreneur and awesome individual.

Danya is the CEO and Founder of Knonap, a company that creates discreet detection devices for date-rape drugs. Their mission is to empower individuals and communities to create safer social settings, through education and products that bring attention to drug-facilitated sexual assault and crime. We achieve this through partnerships with universities, police departments, and social institutions. Danya covers everything from faith, resetting to perform well, what it is like to be a lady in the work-place and how to possess grit.

KnoNap is a beverage napkin that looks and acts like a generic napkin but has a secretive, secondary purpose. The napkin has perforations along two of its sides that are lined with detection chemicals that are capable, upon saturation, of testing for date rape drug presence. 

Danya is a part of Halcyon a start up incubator that focuses specifically on Social Entrepreneurs. They can be found here.

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EP 17: The Intersection of Simplicity and Happiness.

Where in your life are you complicating things to the point of making yourself unhappy? For many of us this begins with comparison. We look at the lives of others and examine our own lives through that same mindset. We treat others as though they are running the same race that we are. Additionally, we find ourselves complicating our own lives. We think we need other things to establish our status and give us happiness. When in reality we do not. For me the happiest times in my life were some of the simplest times. I would assume that is the same for you. In today’s episode we examine the intersection of simplicity and happiness and recommend some ways for you to examine this in your own life to ensure you aren’t unnecessarily complicating things. LET’S LEAVE A LEGACY.

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EP 16: Louis Pisano Wake Up and Work

On Today’s Episode I interview Lous Pisano the Founder of Wake Up and Work. WUAW is a fitness apparel company that Louis has developed as a side hustle to augment his job managing one of the biggest pool parties in the Hard Rock Hotel In San Diego. Louis and I have known each other since we were extremely young and anyone who meets him knows he has a special energy about him. I really appreciated all of the information that Louis was willing to share with me in this episode, because it didn’t seem like he held much back. It’s a long one but I think the whole story is pretty interesting. Let us know what you think.

Where You can Learn More About Louis.

Louis’s personal blog where he covers a lot of the things he is thinking about and willing to share with his following. Click here.

Louis’s fitness apparel company featured at Mr. Olympia competition this year. I personally am a huge fan of their hoody click here.

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EP 15: Who Do You Do It For?

How do we gain and maintain discipline when everything in our body is telling us to quit? Today’s episode is another short form 20 minute shot to the mouth of motivation. On today’s episode I cover the difference between discipline and motivation. Motivation is great but it is a dime a dozen. Discipline is what sets us a part. Therein-lies the question on how we develop motivation. Tune into todays episode and check out how I develop discipline and review the ways I recommend you do so for yourself.

Did you like Episode 14’s guest Adam Simmons? Check out my episode on his podcast below.

I also was fortunate enough to get onto the Simmons and More Podcast this week and had a blast recording with those guys. If you want to check out their podcast and listen to the episode please click here.

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EP 14: Adam Simmons and Overcoming Adversity Through Comedy.

My guest on today’s show is the cohost of the Simmons and Moore Podcast. Adam Simmons tells all in today’s show covering some really important concepts that need to be shared with the world. He shares his mother’s bout with cancer, his own bouts with anxiety and the way he has used comedy and a dedicated work ethic to combat all of it. I owe Adam a lot of credit for getting this podcast started and I really appreciate all that he has helped me out with thus far. He’s also a really funny dude. Check out an episode that will motivate you, make you laugh, and gut punch your heart all at the same time.

Adam’s Podcast

Click Here to check out their website

Click here to subscribe to their podcast.

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EP: 13 Michael Pullano, On The Evolution of Producing Content. Execution is Everything.

My Guest on today’s show is the man who first taught me that execution is everything.  Michael Pullano is the former host of the Pizza Beer Revolution Podcast, the former host and producer of the Blue Shirt Buds a show dedicated to showcasing current events surrounding the New York Rangers Ice Hockey team.  He is a husband, father, partial conspiracy theorist and one of the most under the radar mentors I have. Pullano and I discuss everything about the evolution of technology from the 90s into the 2010. He and I start touching on some juicy topics like: AI becoming aware, time machines, and the President of the United States.

I’m very excited to bring this guy back on the show one day because he is quite the provocateur.

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EP 12: Jim Gay on Business, Fitness, Being a Husband and a Dad.

My guest on today’s show is Jim Gay, Jim is the founder of Saturn Flyer, a company that works with other businesses to cultivate more effective, happier developers, who make better decisions and write better code. 

Jim has authored two books, Clean Ruby and the Ruby DSL handbook.  He has helped a myriad of developers in increasing their ability to write clean effective code.

What is even more impressive about Jim is that he is not what you would expect your typical programmer/developer to look like.  This past year Jim finished the Crossfit open as the 64th fittest man in the world in the over 40 master’s division.

Let’s Leave a Legacy!!!

Links Mentioned in the Show

Jim’s Website:

What is Renaissance Periodization:

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EP: 11 Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a day to be with family and to celebrate the many people who sacrificed for our nation so we could have an abundance of freedom. Thank you all for being great listeners. Go out and spend some time with family today. Here is 20 minutes of motivation before you do. God Bless America.

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EP 10: Public Speaking

I can narrow down three skills that help me speak in public and I share them with you in today’s show. I cover the people who helped me to develop my public speaking capabilities. I was fortunate enough to go back to my high school and speak to the students there this past week. In doing so I had quite the trip down memory lane. I also was able to reflect on how I developed my ability to speak in public. Tune into the show to check it out. Thanks to everyone who is liking, sharing, and subscribing to our content.

3 Tricks for Public Speaking

Box Breathing.

Get to the venue ahead of time.

Create a memory palace.

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EP9: Kurt Garceau and finding Happiness in the Journey.

My Guest on today’s show is none other than the infamous Kurt Garceau.  Kurt has been a good friend of mine for a very long time and at one point he was actually my employer while I was waiting for orders to active duty for the Marine Corps.  Kurt is one of those ballsy entrepreneurs who dropped out of college and started his own business.  He began his company, North Haven Crossfit, as a very small garage gym style location.  This gym has now scaled up to a warehouse sized location that you could put a vehicle assembly line in with over 200 members.

What is equally impressive is the fact that while scaling his business up with his cousin Warren, his training regiment allowed him to reach the national pro grid league as a member of the Boston Iron, and  Crossfit games in the team division. Before that Kurt made several appearances in the Crossfit regionals as an individual athlete. 

started his own business.  He began his company, North Haven Crossfit, as a very small garage gym style location.  This gym has now scaled up to a warehouse sized location that you could put a vehicle assembly line in with over 200 members.

What is equally impressive is the fact that while scaling his business up with his cousin Warren, his training regiment allowed him to reach the national pro grid league as a member of the Boston Iron, and  Crossfit games in the team division. Before that Kurt made several appearances in the Crossfit regionals as an individual athlete. 

P.S. Kurt is also an impeccable photographer and videographer.

Kurt did the engagement photos for BabyGurl and I and crushed our wedding photographs (they’re on my instagram @postmoderpatriot). His photography website is here.

EP8: School Is a Waste Of Time.

In this episode I discuss the cons of obtaining a degree from an institution of higher education. Last week’s episode was astonishingly one sided in terms of encouraging others to go to college and or obtain a secondary degree. The sign of a true genius is the ability to understand two opposing viewpoints at the same time. It would wrong for me to only provide one side of the argument to my listeners. So here are all of the reasons you shouldn’t get a Master’s degree specifically. Check out our blog for the books I mention in today’s show, my list of subjects and skills you need to develop if you don’t pursue a master’s, and my list of 50 other ways to generate income.

Billionaires and millionaires who dropped out of school.

Successful College Dropouts

Ways To Generate Extra Income

Episodes/posts I mentioned in today’s show that you should also check out.

Episode 1: Living an Agile Life.

Episode 3: My interview with Isaac Wyant

Episode 5: My Interview with Rodney Coursey

What’s Wrong With The 4 Hour Work Week.

4 Skills you Should develop if You don’t get a Master’s Degree

  1. Finance- Check out Investopedia
  2. Data Analytics- I recommend courses on or Khan Academy
  3. Leadership and Management of Personnel- you could also join this organization who will teach you the best leadership and management skills known to man.
  4. Understanding the Global Economy- Read any of Robert Kaplan’s books for Geo-politics. Check out any of these books.

These are the Principles Thiel says to consider.

  1. It is better to risk boldness than triviality
  2. A bad plan is better than no plan
  3. Competitive Markets destroy profits
  4. Sales matters just as much as product. 

These are the books I mentioned

Side Hustle by Chris Guillebeau

4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris

Zero to One by Peter Thiel

More Info on Peter Thiel

*I am not sponsored by or paid advertising from any of the authors of these books.

EP7: Should You Get a Master’s Degree

In today’s episode we discuss the necessity of a Master’s Degree. We talk about whether or not it is a good idea, the way it impacts both time and family. Finally we share a few of the really important things we have learned about the business world today. My Classmate’s Ben and Mike Spend a lot of time talking about purpose having a plan. They also cover the lessons they learned that really propelled them ahead of their peers.

Here are links to the websites Ben and Mike mention:
Good RX
Campus Confessions

Here is a link to the podcast I mention in today’s episode about a new way to pay for college.

EP6: Find a Mentor, Be a Mentor

In today’s episode I discuss the world’s need for mentors. We need people to be mentors, and we need to find mentors. One of the common things you find amongst all high achievers is the fact that they had someone looking out for them. Our needs are no different. Whether you are a start-up entrepreneur, the owner of a company like Black Rifle Coffee Company, or any average joe, you can find a mentor and be a mentor for so many people. Iron sharpens Iron, and we don’t become the people we are without the help others give us along the way. Please check out the episode and enjoy, subscribe and please share with friends.

The Article I discuss including Kabbage and Endeavor is here

This is Endeavor’s website while we are talking about them

The company’s I recommend that you check out on this website do not sponsor me or pay for advertising. They are just companies that I admire and respect.

Also, In case you wanted to be able to check out the quote I read in today’s episode from Gates of Fire, here you go:

“A king does not abide within his tent while his men bleed and die upon the field. A king does not dine while his men go hungry, nor sleep when they stand at watch upon the wall. A king does not command his men’s loyalty through fear nor purchase it with gold; he earns their love by the sweat of his own back and the pains he endures for their sake. That which comprises the harshest burden, a king lifts first and sets down last. A king does not require service of those he leads but provides it to them…A king does not expend his substance to enslave men, but by his conduct and example makes them free.” 

Episode 5: Rodney Coursey On Mentorship and Finding Your Purpose.

In Today’s episode Rodney and I discuss important mentors in our lives and the things they did to help us become the men we are today. Rodney talks about the limiting beliefs he once held about himself and how he has developed the ability to believe in himself. Rodney discusses race, and the issues he faces with promoting hip hop talent through his company Garden State Hip Hop. We cover a lot on this episode that you won’t want to miss.

The Two Books Rodney Mentioned in today’s episode:
The Autobiography of Malcom X

Bright Lights Big City by Jay Macinerney

The Documentary Rodney mentioned in today’s episode:
Hip Hop Evolution– available on Netflix

Learn More About Rodney and Garden State Hip Hop

Rodney was recently featured in a billboard article that you can read here.

Rodney’s featured Cypher at the house of independents.

Rodney’s contributions to the NJ hip hop talent scene are available
In The Asbury Park Press

Again in the Asbury Park Press


Episode 4: The Gatekeeper is Dead

In this episode we discuss a few concepts presented in Episode 3. This episode goes back to our 20 minute format and includes a discussion of the ability for anyone, any where, to share information with the world. This change requires you to be your own Gatekeeper. As always, we include actionable content that will make you think, lift you up, and improve your day. It’s time for you to live boldly, and let’s leave a legacy.

Article’s referenced in this episode:
Wired Article on youtube’s strategy to combat misinformation

Blog Post on social media

Podcast’s Referenced in this episode:

EP3: Isaac Wyant on limiting social media and reading instead of doing

EP1: Living an Agile Life

Episode 3: Isaac Wyant on Limiting Social Media and Reading Instead of Doing

On Today’s Show I interview Isaac J. Wyant a close personal friend and above all impressive individual.

Check out Isaac’s Bio:
Isaac Wyant attended California State University- Sacramento and received a degree in Criminal Justice and Corrections.  While awaiting assignment to active duty Isaac taught computer science and history in California for the Tracy Unified School District. Isaac served in the United States Marine Corps where he attended and graduated from The Basic School and Infantry Officer Course at Marine Corps Base Quantico.  He served as a platoon commander in Iraq and in his final tour was assigned to the coveted position of 81 mm Mortar platoon commander, an assignment generally reserved for the best Lieutenant in each Battalion. Isaac conducted operations as a platoon commander on Three separate continents. Although Isaac no longer serves in the military he continues to sharpen his skills as a martial artist practicing Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.  He is an advocate for the limited use of technology and increasing the virtue in his fellow man.  His writing is extremely compelling and featured on (which we will link to in show notes), a website that discusses, challenges, and compels the current virtues of man. I am not only fortunate to have Isaac on the show but I am fortunate to consider him a close friend.

Check out my two favorite articles on Isaac’s website:
Quit Doing Things That Will Eventually Suffocate You

Less Self Help More Self Start

This is the book Isaac recommended in our episode: Dopesick by Beth Macy

This is the book Isaac mentioned he is most excited about reading: The Right Side of History by Ben Shapiro

Isaac and I also get a little “wild and crazy” and discuss this interesting concept known as belief in God. I mention an article on the blog about my favorite bible passages which can be found here.

If you want to know more about how I chose the name of this blog and my reason for starting this podcast and website please Click Here

Episode 2: Exploiting Opportunities

In today’s episode we discuss competitive negotiating and how we all have a potential to exploit opportunities in all aspects of our life. Hesitation kills in every arena, even when lives are not on the line. Today’s episodes discusses everything through the eyes of military tacticians. We discuss BlitzKrieg Warfare, The Victory of Ulysses S. Grant at, Ft. Donelson we touch briefly on level five leadership.

The books I mentioned in todays show are: American Ulysses and can be purchased here.

As always the classic book on Strategy

Fact Checking myself: General Gideon Pillow was actually transferred off of the battlefield and not exactly “relieved.”

Where else you can listen and subscribe.

Episode 1: Living an Agile Life

On this episode we discuss the concept of Agile methodologies and applying this concept to your own life. Maybe there is a goal that you have in your own life that you want start today. It’s time to ignore all of the outside constraints that you have created for yourself to start working towards that goal. This episode discusses minimum viable products, scalability, and
instant gratification.
How Venmo got started

Venmo’s found tells you how he got started

Understanding the Agile Method

Post Modern Patriot Podcast Intro

The PMP Podcast consists of a combination of short-stories, concepts, and ideas to help motivate you and to jumpstart your day. We focus on leadership lessons, and principles from some of our greatest examples in life.

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