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TT 28: Breaking Ranks

On Today’s episode of the podcast Isaac and I discuss the concept of breaking ranks through the lens of Lt. Col Stuart Scheller. Lt. Col Scheller is well known for his video that went viral the same day as the death of 13 service… Continue Reading “TT 28: Breaking Ranks”

TT19: The benefits of Social Media

Isaac and I want to wish you a very happy Independence day. Thank you all for your support and for frequently interacting with us and our content. Happy 245 years of being an awesome country America.

Tribes and why we badly need to bring them back

Sebastian Junger brought the understanding of the need to be a part of groups back into vogue when he released the book “Tribe on homecoming and belonging.” Our nation’s military learned during the Global War on Terrorism, that there was a certain fraternal bond… Continue Reading “Tribes and why we badly need to bring them back”

EP 70: American Craftsmanship With Allegiance Flag Supply

Tune into this week’s Episode where I interview the founders of Allegiance Flag Supply, Wes & Katie Lyon, and Max Berry. As first-time homeowners Max, Wes, and Katie, they searched for a high-quality American flag to fly. But they all soon encountered the exact… Continue Reading “EP 70: American Craftsmanship With Allegiance Flag Supply”

EP 69: A Flag In Front of Every Home!

On Today’s Episode I discuss my struggle with individuals kneeling during the National Anthem. I share with everyone what I am doing to have a positive impact on those around me. I am proud to announce that I have partnered with Allegiance Flag Supply… Continue Reading “EP 69: A Flag In Front of Every Home!”