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Was Pat Tillman SuperMan?

“Man, supposing you and I, escaping this battle, would be able to live on forever, ageless, immortal, so neither would I myself go on fighting in the foremost nor would I urge you into the fighting where men win glory. But now, seeing that… Continue Reading “Was Pat Tillman SuperMan?”

TT8: Gunz In America

On today’s Episode Isaac and I discuss one of the most important topics in America, the right to bear arms. Before you ask which bear, we’re talking about firearms. Isaac and I discuss my lack of familiarity with weapons before joining the Marines and… Continue Reading “TT8: Gunz In America”

A Tried and Tested Strategy for Success in Life … Or War

One of the reasons people love Jocko Willink is because he shares hard earned wisdom from years of military service. I myself genuinely appreciate the passion this man has for the knowledge that has been cultivated, shared, and built upon in our nation’s military.… Continue Reading “A Tried and Tested Strategy for Success in Life … Or War”