Tag: Tough Talk

TT38: On Men and Marble

Is removing Theodore Roosevelt’s Statue from the Museum of Natural History a step too far? On Today’s episode of the Podcast John and Isaac announce some exciting news about the show and dive into the discussion of the removal of statues. This discussion opens… Continue Reading “TT38: On Men and Marble”

TT37: The Reply Guy Culture

This is a good one ladies and gentlemen. In this episode, we tackle the problem with the “Reply Guy”: Those who spend their free time biting at the ankles of the accomplished, believing they are serving a larger purpose. We have all been through… Continue Reading “TT37: The Reply Guy Culture”

TT35: Rise of the Machines

Do we actually know what Artificial Intelligence is or are we just repeating things that we have heard other people say about it. Today’s episode touches on concepts introduced by Authors Daniel Schmidt and Henry Kissinger in their recent book, “The Age of A.I.”… Continue Reading “TT35: Rise of the Machines”

TT29: Moral Slavery and Squid Game

On Today’s episode of the podcast Isaac and I discuss the TV show most likely to ruin Halloween. We’re talking Squid Game mostly because of the real lessons it has the ability to highlight for all of us. This is a show that has… Continue Reading “TT29: Moral Slavery and Squid Game”

TT 28: Breaking Ranks

On Today’s episode of the podcast Isaac and I discuss the concept of breaking ranks through the lens of Lt. Col Stuart Scheller. Lt. Col Scheller is well known for his video that went viral the same day as the death of 13 service… Continue Reading “TT 28: Breaking Ranks”

TT 13: Self-Reliance

On today’s episodes Isaac and I discuss the importance of Self-Reliance. This concept that Ralph Waldo Emerson so accurately captured in his essays is once of extreme importance. While this week’s episode isn’t exactly the most difficult concept to discuss it does relate to… Continue Reading “TT 13: Self-Reliance”

Tough TAlk 6: The Political Leadership Deficit

On Today’s episode of Tough Talk, Isaac and I discuss a concept that I believe is on the mind of most Americans. The gap in the leadership skills of our politicians. What is it that drives those people we elect to political office to… Continue Reading “Tough TAlk 6: The Political Leadership Deficit”

Tough Talk: A reaction to the Jeffrey Spaide Snow Shoveling Shooting

In today’s episode Isaac Wyant and I respond to the gruesome video of the Pennsylvania shooting that erupted out of an argument about shoveling Snow. You can read more on that here. I link to the video in the show notes below. Isaac and… Continue Reading “Tough Talk: A reaction to the Jeffrey Spaide Snow Shoveling Shooting”