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TT 13: Self-Reliance

On today’s episodes Isaac and I discuss the importance of Self-Reliance. This concept that Ralph Waldo Emerson so accurately captured in his essays is once of extreme importance. While this week’s episode isn’t exactly the most difficult concept to discuss it does relate to… Continue Reading “TT 13: Self-Reliance”

Veteran Shaming needs to End

The title of this post probably invokes a memory of a Vietnam Veteran returning home from the horrors of death, chaos, and war only to be spat on and called a “baby-killer.” This is not the type of Veteran shaming I’m referring to. I’m… Continue Reading “Veteran Shaming needs to End”

TT7: Forging a Fitness Philosophy

In today’s episode, Isaac and I discuss the fact that Americans have gained on average 29 pounds through the pandemic. We discuss the causes of this issue and our own weight gain during different times in our life. We spend a lot of time… Continue Reading “TT7: Forging a Fitness Philosophy”

EP 79: Semper Stronger With Rebecca Rouse

On Today’s episode I interview Rebecca Rouse. Rebecca and her Husband Joel have started an online fitness application, Semper Stronger. Rebecca specializes in strength training and kettlebell training, and she was the 16th woman in the world to earn the Iron Maiden title through… Continue Reading “EP 79: Semper Stronger With Rebecca Rouse”

EP 78: The Toughness Gradient With Greg Everett

Are you Tough. I believe this is a question men have been asking themselves publicly and privately throughout time. Greg Everett’s background spans an unusual array of professional and personal experiences, from working on an ambulance, to authoring a dozen books, to coaching the… Continue Reading “EP 78: The Toughness Gradient With Greg Everett”